Julie Solihull

I found out my daughter had a tongue tie the day after her birth . I thought i would be sorted before we left hospital but this was not the case . i was dissapointed as i had wanted to breastfeed but because of the tongue tie my daughter could not latch properly and was also having issues bottle feeding . I was given an NHS appointment for 5 weeks time , i tried many routes to get it earlier because of the issues but to no avail . I was recommended Kirsten by the health visitor . I was elated when Kirsten could attend my house the next day . I was nervous and emotional but need not have been . Everything was explained and Kirsten answered my questions . The procedure was over in literally seconds . I cried more than my daughter . We tried breastfeeding after which was successful and painfree . Kirsten gave me lots of advice and told me i could contact her in future if i needed to . Sadly breastfeeding did not work out for us but i was able to try which was an option not available previously . My daughter is thriving and taking her feeds so well . I am so pleased Kirsten was recommended Thank you : ).


My son was diagnosed with a tongue tie a few days after birth but i was getting conflicting opinions from hospital staff. Kirsten gave me a very clear diagnosis and a clear description of the procedure which put me at ease. After a very quick procedure Kirsten has been great with regards to the aftercare and now my son is feeding very well. Thank you Kirsten.

Rachel Southall

Our son was diagnosed with tongue tie from birth, however  N.H.S advice was conflicting as to how severe. Kirsten had been recommended to us by a midwife and we are so glad we met her. During our consultation Kirsten confirmed our sons tongue tie was 100% and the majority of difficulties we were having feeding were related. At 14 days our son had the procedure done and it was made quick and painless for mum and baby as possible . After the procedure Kirsten’s advise and after care was amazing and we now have a happy baby who is feeding well.


My daughter was diagnosed as being tongue tied at the tender age of 2 days old. i called Kirsten after she was referred to me by a member of the breastfeeding team. Although a referral was made by the hospital for my daughter to be seen in outpatients it was 6 weeks of waiting. Kirsten was very compassionate and understood too well my anxiety as a parent and came as soon as she could to rectify my daughters tongue tie. I couldnt thank Kirsten enough for her help and for dealing with the problem expeditiously. Kirsten offers a friendly service as well as a professional one. The after care received was just as important as receiving the initial treatment. Kirsten kept in touch even after the procedure to ensure baby as doing well, and that us her parents were happy with baby’s progress post procedure. The child’s welfare is what is paramount to Kirsten as well as ensuring the parents piece of mind. Kirsten is always on hand if you need any advice or if you are concerned about anything. Overall a 5 star service received and calling Kirsten was the best thing we did.

Trina Sulka

Thank you so much Kirsten for all the help and reassurance you gave me. My son was born with tongue tie which was not picked up properly by the hospital so i was sent home and felt as though i was failing my son  as he was unable to breastfeed from me. After ringing up Kirsten she was able to come and do a home visit the next day where she diagnosed my son with 95% tongue tie. She spent a great amount of time talking me through the procedure to release my sons tongue with me and my husband, and provided me with the reassurance i needed to feel like i was doing the best for my son. She then released his tongue and helped my son latch onto me and breastfeed effectively. He has now been exclusively breastfeeding for 2 weeks and as a family we are over the moon. She provides an extremely professional calm and trusting service and i would recommend her to anyone. Thank you so much Kirsten for making  breastfeeding possible for my son he is a very happy and content baby and you helped to make that happen.

Marianne Davy

Without Kirsten I would not be breastfeeding! From the day we got back from hospital we encountered problems and my daughter lost a lot of weight in the first week. Breastfeeding also took hours with my daughter appearing never to be full and crying the moment she was removed from my breast which I found emotionally and physically draining. Throughout Kirsten responded quickly – a real must for a desperate and hormonal mum! She came to our home and helped us understand how my daughter was programmed to enable me to understand her behavior. We discussed how I approached the problem to to help her tailor her support and showed me how I could help my daughter develop an effective latch. Kirsten was also qualified to perform the tongue tie correction which was identified as her mouth developed . To me it is an easy decision if you are struggling with breastfeeding, to get in touch with Kirsten. My daughter is now much happier and content and regularly gaining weight from exclusive breastfeeding and that is worth every penny.

Claire Arnott

Not only is Kirsten a huge source of knowledge and breastfeeding wisdom but she has a gentle and competent manner that fills you with open minded confidence. With her encouragement and guidance and support I was able to find more calm and instinct nursing baby Lucas, feeding through mastitis and finally getting some much needed sleep.I would highly recommend mummy power breastfeeding both as a lactation consultant and for tongue tie correction.

Jeanette McCabe

What a fantastic woman. Don’t hesitate to call her if you need breastfeeding advice. Kirsten’s support has enabled me to Breastfeed my second son and I know for sure it would not have been possible without her help. I contacted Kirsten when I got mastitis 5 days after having my second son I didn’t know if she would be able to help me (as I got mastitis 13 times after feeding my first son) but I really wanted to Breastfeed and wanted good advice from a trained professional. Kirsten came out to visit me the next day and was brilliant. Kirsten’s support was unlike any other breastfeeding advice I had been given with my first son (and that was from a lot of different professionals during the 18 months that I fed him). She treated my case in an individual way, listened to me, found ways to help me latch my baby on and help me relax when feeding. I have been amazed about how supportive and caring she has been . The support did not  just stop after the visit. Kirsten has been genuinely interested in my breastfeeding in the last 9 weeks and has contacted me on a regular basis. She has continued to offer advice and followed up to see how I was getting on. I cannot thank her enough for this, it has been so reassuring to know that someone with such a sound knowledge of breastfeeding has been there for me along the way. Thanks to Kirsten I am a much calmer, happier mummy, able to Breastfeed my my beautiful baby boy.

Victoria Ludlow

Thank you for calmly and kindly and quickly performing the tongue tie procedure on our son. We are so grateful that he can feed happily now.