About Kirsten Spencer

Hi I’m Kirsten, I am a Mum of three daughters. I breast fed my first daughter for 7 weeks but, as I sadly had to return to work, this had to end. I feel this was due to a lack of knowledge and support surrounding expression of milk in the workplace.
My second daughter was a hungry baby and, as I had no comprehension of cycles and regimes of feeding involved with breastfeeding, I was unaware of the negatives involved in the information I was about to receive. I was advised by the midwife to ‘rest’ for 2 nights and the baby was then placed in the nursery, which led to me very quickly giving in to formula feeding my baby.


My third daughter was not delivered at a local hospital as I had complications in labour and her life was deemed to be in jeopardy. My daughter received phototherapy very soon after delivery and remained there for long distressful periods of time. I attempted to breastfeed for 2 weeks and had limited success but it was indicated, medically that I had to supplement her with formula milk and she too then moved onto formula.
With deep regret, I feel at no point did I receive any constructive help or advice in terms of breastfeeding for my babies, nor its importance and advantages to both mother and baby. Also the sheer importance of the affect of a mum having contact with her baby for as long as possible.

My Inspiration

I have always advocated breastfeeding throughout my career, with considerable success in the resolution of problems, enabling mums to achieve their breastfeeding goals. About 7 years ago there was a turning point for me. A close friend had successfully breast fed and talked to me about the actual effect of breastfeeding combined with skin to skin contact with your new baby as researched and advocated by Nils Bergman of Kangaroo Mother Care. Also, the profound effects it can have on the physical, emotional and psychological development of a baby and milk production.


From that point on I decided to find out as much as I could regarding this which, in turn, led me into the world of lactation consultancy. This has enabled me to make a difference to women and give them the knowledge and support to be able to breastfeed and nurture their babies to the best of their abilities. Many women I have cared for have found, with the correct mental attitude and information, that breastfeeding is simple and, above all, natural.
My goal in being a lactation consultant is to enable mothers to establish and continue breastfeeding for as long as THEY want successfully with all the knowledge that they need to do this…so, unlike how I felt ..this is your choice as a parent.


Ready to listen to your & your baby. Understanding your needs & supporting you along your journey.


Breastfeeding & Lactation Consultant. IBCLC – RGN – ENB405 – BAHons


Bringing experience from a 24 year career as a Neonatal nurse.